Proof That Corporations are Taking it In House

I wrote a few weeks ago for Jack Myers that companies are taking media productoin in house. At UGtv in New York last night, Eric Gunnar Rochow, Executive Producer of multimedia production company choplogic said that increasingly, companies are doing it themselves.

"A lot of the time we're just shooting (a video) and handing over the tapes," he said, while lamenting the quality that's then produced. But the fact is, the companies are becoming media companies, and even if it's just "some guy in marketing" (as another person said) with the editing software on his Apple computer, that's quite possibly the same software the professional has, and since quality is in the eye of the beholder, as is cost-benefit in a case like this, it might be just as good, or even better (thinking of control), if the company edits its own stuff. Sure, it's not as smoothly done as by a professional editor. But maybe that's OK for the purpose of this particular corporate video. And maybe the gap between professional, and semi-professional is decreasing.

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Anonymous said...

The flip side to this is I've seen some really bad presentations done when the shooting or editing is done by 'some guy in the marketing dept.'

They themselves may love the finished piece, but how long did it take the novice editor? Many don't think in terms of the hours spent. Hours that could have been spent doing what that person was hired to do.

Its similar to writing. We all have word processing software, and we can all write, but few of us can do it really well.

eric rochow , producer,