How to Manage Too Much Content

There might not be a lot of literal wealth around these days, but there's still a lot of content that media companies are managing in their digital properties. The challenge is to balance the competing needs (commercial and editorial, breaking news vs. standing features, archival material) while making it all findable and, not least, preserving the "brand" -- the look and feel of the media product. Some of the leading magazines have grappled with the issue, and next week, on Oct. 23, I'll will be moderating a seminar on the topic. Here are more details from the MPA site, with a link to registration:

Every publisher struggles with what to put on a website's homepage, and on every internal page as well. It's a struggle to maintain the brand identity while you also:

  • Balance important news and information with the big traffic drivers
  • Encourage user participation and content
  • Satisfy competing interests of not only editorial staff, but also marketing, sales, circulation, community, etc.
  • Keep the page optimized -- for search, the important Web browsers and operating systems, etc.
  • Include audio and video
  • Encourage clickthrough
  • Architect the site for maximum ease and effectiveness
  • Nail the navigation -- don't include too little, or too much

  • and much much more. As Goldilocks might ask, How can you get it just right?

    With leading digital executives of some of the top magazine and media companies -- including recent award-winners who have burgeoning audience -- we'll explore in detail the ins and outs of what they've done, and how.

    Don't miss this session, another in our digital best practices series, that will give you the tools you need to achieve success in the digital sphere.

    Panelists include: Mark Remy, digital chief of Runners World, winner of the ASME for General Excellence this year and Jim Meigs, Editor-in-Chief, Popular Mechanics . Moderated by Dorian Benkoil, SVP, Editorial Director, Teeming Media.

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