Business Case for Amazon "Silk" Fire

I noted when first hearing of it that the Amazon Silk browser seemed big from a tech standpoint, and couldn't resist a quip. Business Insider makes the case that the browser is revolutionary from a business standpoint: Not only does it make web browsing on Kindle much faster, it:

  • will give Amazon exceptional insight into what consumers are interested in, how they use the mobile Internet, and what they want to buy
  • makes the Android operating system, the platform upon which the Kindle Fire runs, much less relevant (and, therefore, much less powerful).
  • is Amazon's browser that will control the consumer's interface and data—and search window—not the operating system. Google's software, in other words, has basically become a device-driver.
So BI says. And the argument is persuasive, and why media types need to pay big attention not just to the distribution channel, but also the technology.