Is Yahoo Messing Around with MyYahoo?

I use Yahoo for a few things, including some of my business (the main site for TeemingMedia is hosted by their Small Business service), an old personal email account, a MyYahoo page I don't look at as often as some other aggregators, a MyWeb account that dates from before DIGG and Delicious got traction, Flickr, and I'd use the Overture keyword finder if it still existed. I sometimes use Yahoo Groups, which is still, I think, superior to Google groups, although it requires users to have a Yahoo logon. (A flaw with a lot of the Yahoo services; they essentially require you to become a Yahoo to use them.)

Twice today, and a couple of other times in the page week or two -- using Macs with OSX and a Safari and perhaps Firefox browser -- I've been redirected from the Yahoo service I wanted to the new Beta MyYahoo page. One time, I was trying to access the business emails to set up a new email account, another time, I was trying to log into my business email. Both times, I landed on (I was able to access my mail from that page.) In the bad old days of jacking up numbers, I would have put this off as an attempt to drive people through a certain page to jack up its numbers. Couldn't be that. Could it?