Sick of My MacBook Pro Freezing

My MacBook Pro laptop has frozen, AGAIN. I wiped it entirely clean and spent a Saturday rebuilding the damn thing a week ago. And now I'm staring at a frozen screen, and will have to type up a long document I was working on but (stupidly) hadn't saved in the Pages word processing software. (Word at least saves drafts automatically -- Pages could do that, without having to overwrite the previous.)

Running a monitor, Twihrl, few browsers, Pages and a sync program or two ... yes, it's a lot, but it shouldn't just freeze like that without warning. It's been about 20minutes, and NOTHING is happening. Got it to "beachball" (same as hourglass) a few times.
Typing this on my Windows XP laptop.

I don't want to say that Apple sucks -- it doesn't,really -- but it's not like I'm doing CGI or something. The computer shouldn't lock up like that. Apple Store was nice enough, but didn't really have the solution, beyond rebuilding the thing.

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