What’s the Twitter Impression I'm Leaving?

Twitter is a fascinating experiment. Fascinating how personality is coming through over time from these 140-character posts on the fly, often with a link. There's a sense of the person, and a conversation -- though it can be voyeuristic, and perhaps a bit self-indulgent.

People who used to blog incessantly now Tweet all the time. Will someone invent a shorter version. Will 70 characters become the new 140? Some things I've obsered (so far), each in less than the requisite 140 characters:
1. Rafe Needleman* is good at finding the graceful app. that will show you how to IM or Twitter from our desktop (Twihrl)
2. Erin Byrne sometimes shows her professional soul on her sleeve.
3. Jason Calacanis is a one-man promotional vehicle.
5. Peter Kafka spends a lot of time in Brooklyn, and at his laptop computer. He brings his own food to the airport.
6. David Cohn is a Twittering (and blog and ...) animal, sharing everything remotely related to work.
7. Jay Rosen tweeted about a blog post on Scott McClellan's new book he had yet to post
8. I'm still learning about Twitter, and wish I had time to read all the help and tutorials (and hack new code)
9. Fred Wilson has a Tumblr blog called Fredwilson.VC.
10. Brian Stelter is a travelin' man.
11. Some of us will someday regret Tweets we’ve made.
*These are all names of people you can search in Twitter or other places, and so you can look them up if you don't know them or of them. They're all in media and I've met all but Wilson, and am friends with some. I hope I have offended none of them by writing these things. Wanted to be specific rather than mask it, because it was more intelligible that way.


Kate Coe said...

But Penelope, aka Brazen Careerist, is so funny. Jacki Danicki is a good mix of tech news and personal, and I had to block one guy because he was so boring. Mine are just silly.

Dorian Benkoil said...

Yeah, I could've said taht -- Kate Coe tells us what she's doing at 5 a.m., or what's out her window ...