The Problem With Video ...

... is that it's linear ... there's no real way to skim ... I can't be told easily what paragraph to look at (though I suppose I can be told to access a video at X minute or Y). Just finished the Naked Media show, first one, with Jay Rosen, and it will be available On Demand soon on Scribe Media (thanks to those of you who watched live and participated).

This will be solved by technology, I believe -- searching, scanning and parsing will come. Everything do-able for "print" will be do-able for video. But not now. I don't, thus, quite understand the fascination with video ... there's a lot of great stuff. For example, a lot of information (in the usual Calacanis bloviation method) in this conversation Jason had with Loic Lemeur. But, it ranges back and forth, and even though it's a great conversation, it's hard to know where to access.

He talks about Nick Denton as a liar. Wikipedia as a closed loop. Mahalo, his search engine, as a place where human intelligence is added to search ... really, we need a transcript of all this, with BOLD text or some other signifier to tell where the entry points are.

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