Streaming Media East '07: Learnings

A few things learned at the Streaming Media East conference, Tuesday and yesterday:

- Image stock houses like Corbis and Getty Images are increasingly getting requests for clips in Flash. Soon, we'll see a trade in Flash stock clips.

Lisa Larson of gotoGroup Inc. demonstrated the new CS3 Adobe Flash software which allows filtering and other manipulation of Flash video images that used to take considerable coding expertise.

- FinalCut Pro editors are easier to find than Avid editors. And Avid's more expensive. B-bye Avid?

- NBC is telling TV producers they also have to be editors. Or, as people there are snarking, making them into "preditors."

- Get ready for a video ad explosion, with The New York Times helping drive the demand. The Times is going to try to scale its video pageviews from the nearly 5 million streams per month now to as many as 100 million per month by 2010, with five times that in distributed networks with which it's building partnerships. That will be ad-supported, rather than the TimesSelect walled model, Times digital guru Martin Nisenholtz promised.

- Advertising is increasingly seen as a standalone product – something that's a "destination" for people to engage with rather than an interruptive medium that butts into whatever else you're doing.

- It costs Yahoo! 26 cents per gigabyte to stream video, according to Scott Rhodes of Veotag. At that price, he and others said, it's hard support the video with ads at a reasonable CPM. (Anyone care to do some math? Or just tell me how many gigs it takes to, say, stream one minute of video at a typical resolution for a host.)

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