Ad Skipping, Ad Choosing

Well, yes, DVR owners skip ads, BUT multiple folks I've interviewed say that ads are not skipped evenly and the type of ad is crucial. TV promotion execs insist, for example, that users tend to watch ads for TV shows in greater proportion than other ads -- largely because, they believe, people watching TV are interested in other shows. Also, they say, they watch movie previews.

As for another point in the piece linked above, that DVD sales are in trouble due to people preferring to record on their DVRs, sure: You've got the combination of price and convenience. DVDs are threatened either way, because we're starting to approach the true on-demand model. When folks can, in coming years, get the movie they want from a full list, at a moment's notice, what reason will there be for shipping discs or going to the store. A few will still want to own a disc, but that will become more of a niche.

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