Brightcove Follows in Feedroom's Footsteps, Sort of

Brightcove is giving up on developing its video portal - and the ad dollars that it hoped would go with it - to concentrate on building up its other online video technology services, says AdWeek reports (via PaidContent). So, instead of getting you and me and our aunts and cousins to put up our own videos, they're going B2B, if I read it correctly.

The FeedRoom awhile back decided awhile back to go the enterprise route -- looking for corporate clients, rather than just media companies. The rub, FeedRoom execs told me, was that once media companies gained enough expertise and knowledge, they would bring their hosting and video file and asset management in house, and would no longer need FeedRoom. Very hard to grow the business with that kind of churn. (Of course, the same could eventually happen to corporate clients -- they could bring their media in house -- but so far, FeedRoom says it's doing very well for them.)

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