Tweets From the Mirror Awards

... for which I was one of the judges. These are my tweets from there.

Huff: news and opinion must be shared, supp'd by advertisg. Likens pay wall to protectionist tactics in other industrries. #mirrors

Huff: as long as there r people our generation there will be newspapers. #mirrors

Huffington: Arthur Sclessinger and Nora Ephron were my first bloggers. Both said 'i don't get it". Now over 3000 bloggers. #mirrors

Ephron: 1200 channels and not 1 to watch. 1 reason obama won was Huff's enthusiasm. She dragged many into the future w/ her. #mirrors

Nora Ephron cracking up audience w/ jokes about Arianna. Sleeping w/ Al Frankin, dating the same man, "daffy", amazing 2 c a funny Republican ...

To me, the real recognition of the honorees is how much their work is blogged, twittered, friend-feeded, forwarded, linked etc #mirrors (This was my, Dorian's, opinion)

Bill Moyers can't present Arianna Huffington her award because of a medical procedure #mirrors

Obama for America accepts award, says election was first time bottom-up. Really? They taught us that's democracy #mirrors

David Carr: media story used to seem silly, but now it's a story about the crucial #mirrors @carr2n

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