How To Money In Media

Don't give it away. Don't even make it available without pause forever.

Those were two of the edicts Richard Picard, a media theorist and lionized expert, gave Thursday at the Monetizing Online Business (or M.O.B.) conference. The conference was all about how to make money with media -- what the business models were, and more importantly, are or at least may be.

Picard said that the business models for media have moved from going for reach across a wide audience or targeted media to a select audience at a high price to the world we now know of fragmentation, audience control, virtually unlimited distribution and what are other conundrums for traditional media companies used to the high-profit margins and easy money of yore. No longer are any media companies even in the top 150 largest, Picard said.

And, he called the Long Tail theory into question.

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