Money for "Networked" Journalism

At the CUNY J-School's Networked Journalism summit (what some others call "citizen journalism"), constructed by Jeff Jarvis.

A lot of talk about ads as the way for individuals to make money from their blogging or contributions.

But why just ads? There are many other revenue streams, eveythign from e-commerce like selling T-shirts (think to conferences (DailyKos) to lead generation (IDG's tech blogs) to selling one's book, to getting registrants that have a lifetime value (TopButton), classes (mediabistro) and myriad other revenue streams limited only by imagination. Yes, these things require infrastructure and support, and for the individual blogger they're more complicated than just placing a little Google Ads or Blog Ads on your page. Blogs, especially niche blogs with a honed audience, can do all these things, especially if they can get some bizdev or sales support.

Jay Rosen of NYU pointed out another model: the "reputation" points someone gains from the blog that can let the get other revenue. Presumably he means things like consulting or paid speaking.


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