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Can Anyone Make it as a (Web Video) Entrepreneur?

Fred Siebert, founder of Next New Networks, will stop by the Scribe Studio on January 21 to talk about making the transition from network television heavy-weight to scrappy new media entrepreneur.

Join us for this live video webcast.

Fred Seibert is not only an award-winning cartoon producer who lead the remake of Nickelodeon into a leading cable network and was the original creative director for MTV. He also is the co-founder of Next New Networks, the Web-based home of Barely Political (hosted by Obama Girl) and ultra-niche networks for auto racing fanatics, comic-book enthusiasts. NNN has raised more than $23 million in funding from high profile venture firms like Spark Capital and Goldman Sachs, and recently brought on former MTV and Nickelodeon exec Lance Podell as CEO.

Seibert is plain-spoken and refreshingly candid about everything from how he’s raised money, to whether Web-based video like his can turn a profit, how he goes about finding talented people and turning their ideas into a businesses like the new blogging tool Tumblr and more — all while admitting huge failures, including one just a decade ago that cost him nearly every dollar he had.

Naked Media host (and MediaFlect author) Dorian Benkoil and Seibert will talk about the plans for Next New Networks, being an entrepreneur, and what anyone can learn from his triumphs and mistakes. Expect a wide-ranging, fun and frank discussion instructive for anyone in the media business today.

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