Social Media, Segments and Search

  • "Stories that appeal to the tech community go bananas on Twitter--and barely register on Facebook
  • Stories that appeal to the mass market do much better on Facebook than they do on Twitter.
  • Stories aimed at our Wall Street and finance readers have enormous readership--but much lower Twitter referrals than our tech stories do." Here's Twitter's Big Problem: It's Not Going Mainstream: by Henry Blodget

Well, yeah. Right. And that's part of the drill -- knowing your market segment, and figuring out how to reach them, specifically. You can't just get the right traffic by using Facebook, or Twitter or anything else. You have to use the right means to reach the right people. Sounds pretty obvious, but it's so often forgotten.

Thinking about it a bit, Google (and other search) is one place you can reach across the demographic, psychographic and other barriers. Everyone searches. And if they find what they like they click through, regardless of their social network or who's doing the referring. So, yes, social has taken a chunk out of search, but search can have validity and impact for referrals in different ways than social media.

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