Jury Duty! Jury Duty?

I loved everything about the WiFi connection at the NY State jury room at 111 Centre Street except that for some reason it wouldn't let me log on to blogger to post here. Well, I got some other work done as I sat around all day. Was going to say WiFi for people waiting to be empaneled as jurors is one expense I don't at all mind paying for -- even though it also blocked my email client, Entourage, from sending outgoing messages. The laptop stations -- there was a room of about a dozen cubbies -- were full, and another dozen or two people with laptops working away, in a room of maybe 250-300 people.

But blogger.com and blogspot.com couldn't get through, instead giving me a NY Supreme Court page. Hmmmm. They thinking I'm going to blog the procedures? They care that I could do it over Wordpress or Typepad or Twitter (didn't try that, actually) or 100 other ways? They took my camera  (which I, darn, forgot to pick up from the security desk!), but I can just take photos from the computer or my other cellphone... Funny mix of 2008 and last century thinking.

It's all media, all the time. Showed the same video about the court system hosted by Ed Bradley and Diane Sawyer (whom I'm guessing got off jury duty by doing the video) as I saw five or so years ago. What if they put it online and just let us watch, and check off that we'd watched and come a half-hour later? That'd be too crazy.

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