'Schizophrenic' NY Post Website

If you're a regular NY Post reader, you've already had this lady pop up and say "since you read the paper so much, wouldn't you like to subscribe" (paraphrasing). Then, perhaps, you could get a newspaper that's designed for a reader, and not by a "schizophrenic." That's the word used by 24/7 Wall St., in giving the Post Web site a grade of C in their evaluation of top newspaper sites (from Silicon Alley Insider.) Here's some of their slam:

"The local news coverage is particularly weak, a surprise for a paper in the nation's largest city, a metropolitan area with an especially wide diversity of neighborhoods, events, and information. There is a lot of very good scoop in the gossip section of the paper, but this section looks like it was designed by a schizophrenic."

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