Mobile Me: Mac Does it Again

I'd been struggling with my Windows Mobile 6 device, and actually went back to my years-old Blackberry 6710 in frustration. (A tad embarrassing today when I was moderating at a Magazine Publishers of America event on new mobile technologies to pull out my old clunker.) Part of the reason I'd been waiting rather than switch to the iPhone today is because a) I have a contract until October with T-Mobile and I've heard a few horror stories about cracked iPhones and b) the new iPhone was coming out today.

Well, with the new features, and the new MobileMe (I already have .mac, so apparently I'll be upgraded automatically), I'll now be able to get the features AND the synching I want with the iPhone -- good email, contacts and calendar available, and updatable all over... I'll be a happy camper, it seems.

I don't always love the Mac, but I love the way they keep trying. I can't see how this doesn't mean great things for Apple and the decline, if incremental, of some of its competitors.

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